Kim Kardashian Transforms Into Cleopatra for The Violet Files

bpb253com-kk-cover-1Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath and beauty guru Cassandra Grey teamed up with Kim Kardashian West for the latest cover of The Violet Files, the editorial site of Hollywood insider.

Kim was transformed into a modern version of the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra for a beautiful spread. She shared the following of the collaboration with makeup artist Pat McGrath,”I would have done anything—I would have trusted Pat’s vision no matter what she wanted—but I was really excited that it was the Cleopatra vibe.”

For the interpretation, McGrath created a futuristic 3D version to stand out from the usual Cleopatra recreations. bpb253com-kimk-4-distribution-portrait-rgb-72-exclusiveShe shared, “I wanted to portray a luxurious decadence by using elements of ornate facial jewelry constructed into shapes that pay homage to Egyptian culture, and of course to the rich exotic character that Taylor portrayed in this role.”

“Her eyeshadow was made from ground lapis stone and gold pyrite flecks,” notes Ms. McGrath. “Incorporating three-dimensional gold metal into the makeup design explores the concept of makeup as jewelry. I wanted the images to be luxurious, evoking a modern take on the opulence associated with Cleopatra’s makeup.”

bpb253com-kimk-1-distribution-portrait-rgb-72The images were shot by Ben Hassett and they are the first installment in a series for VIOLET GREY in which Ms. McGrath will reimagine paragons of old Hollywood glamour with new faces.

Photo Credit: Ben Hassett