Beauty Campaign by Black Opal Celebrates New Definitions of Beauty

Beauty Campaign by Black Opal Celebrates New Definitions of BeautyBeauty brand Black Opal recently introduce a new multimedia campaign that celebrates new definitions of beauty for women of all complexions. The campaign called “I Define My Beauty” focuses on empowering individual beauty expression.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans who are made up of two or more races increased 32 percent between 2000 and 2010 at a minimum and only continues to rise. Multicultural beauty is now more than a “diversity” catchall; it’s an evolution that addresses the multidimensional and multilayered needs of women whose ethnicities and cultures are mixing together, making up today’s blended beauty.

“I Define My Beauty is about rejecting the stereotypes and myths that other people put on you,” said Black Opal Artistic Director, Merrell Hollis. “It’s a movement to educate women of all complexions, ethnicities and ages to take chances and feel confident—whether they go for subtle mauve or saturated fuchsia, the choice is yours not someone elses.”

The new campaign is aimed at empowering, engaging and inspiring women of all complexions to express their individuality and embrace their unique look and defy stereotypes of beauty. “I Define My Beauty” kicks off with a video featuring Celebrity Make-up Artist & Black Opal Artistic Director Merrell Hollis and other beauty professionals in New York City discussing their own definitions of beauty. The makeup pros tackle myths and stereotypes and discuss how their clients choose self-expression and creativity to make their own personal style statement, instead of relying on old-fashioned notions of beauty do’s and don’ts.

Black Opal understands color is more than just a matter of black and white. The campaign underlines Black Opal’s mission to not only celebrate the cultural heritage of every woman but to emphasize the brand’s long-standing focus and commitment to multicultural beauty in all its nuanced shades and tones.

Throughout the “I Define My Beauty” campaign, Black Opal will be encouraging women to join in the conversation via social media by following the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @blackopalbeauty and participate by sharing their I Define My Beauty stories using the hashtag #IDefineMyBeauty.